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Conglomerates, Organic Food, Roasting Coffee & Convenience

Further reading tells us that the stars represent U.S. conglomerates like Pfizer, Exxon, Allstate, Walmart, and several others. In the 1960s many U.S. conglomerates were formed, owning a diverse array of businesses. In the majority of cases, however, U.S. conglomerates ended up breeding inefficiencies that led to lower earnings and share prices. These U.S. conglomerates have robbed us of our wealth and of the very power to determine our own future. European companies receive no direct benefit. The new SEC rules impose similar obligations on holding companies as the European Financial Conglomerates Directive. The SEC believed that three U.S. companies would seek SIBHC status pursuant to the new rules. Some companies may choose to develop these capabilities organically, while others may seek complementary capabilities through mergers and acquisitions. Pesticides can never be destroyed. However, pests build immunities and chemical companies develop stronger poisons.

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