At the beginning everything was "Organic" What happened?

At the beginning everything was “Organic” What happened?

Visionary Entrepreneurs & Trendsetters,

I have always been a store owner and have learned that the Employee is the #1 asset of a company. A great employee they are few and far in between them. Here I am your #1 asset and I have 2 others. That makes 3. Each complimenting each other to make a winning team.  Please read my writings,ideas,passions and dreams. This should give you all the information you could possibly need to know and convince you that this ground floor opportunity with QnG is evolution.

The Deal; I propose a convertible debt ownership equity deal with 3 rounds of financing. By the end of the 3rd year it is my intention to have 30 stores. At this time we can offer an IPO or Franchise and this would be the Exit strategy. Opportunity of a life X!

There are many very busy areas within the 5 borough’s of N.Y.C. The #1 factor to our success is Location, Location,Location. Foot traffic. I have never failed in business. From  http://www.oxtails.com/  this store I helped build from the beginning and when I left the store was doing 5million in revenues. Moving my family to Hawaii, I bought and increased business 10x here  http://papayasnaturalfoods.com/  At this point I built a second store. After my divorce, I taught my Ex’s  how to run the stores. They now own them and I am sure they are making very good livings. No child support for my 3 children and a bit of money and I was gone. I traveled the earth submersing myself in different cultures and traditions until my funds were almost depleted. Here I stand today a well seasoned and cultured Entrepreneur looking to make my vision of QuicknGreen a reality.

As I wrote this to Union Square Ventures, I believe it pertains to any potential investor.

 “Our portfolio companies create services that have the potential to fundamentally transform important markets. We can work with you whether you need $250,000 to test an idea.  We believe the irresistible economics of Internet networks will ultimately transform the entire global economy.” 1) QnG has the ability to bridge 3 different multi billion dollar industries into 1. Food is the most basic of human needs and if you really want to transform markets this is where you begin. Guys have you read The Self Health Revolution? Zenn says it clearly it’s not what you eat but what you eat, eats. If it’s organic don’t panic. 2) Computers can help transform the entire global economy but you can’t have a healthy economy if the environment is unhealthy. Please read my Concept,my dream and my passion. I could start 1 store for 250k or we could place one in Grand Central Station(750,000 people foot traffic/day) and one in Penn Station(650.000 people foot traffic/day.) I will not fail, I actually refuse to. 30 stores in 3 years.

To ; Trendsetter & Visionary Entrepreneur; Let’s just make it a better place!

QuicknGreen All Natural Convenience Store will change the world.
Not only will it spread the word of what is a “Green Conscience” but it will show people that by what they eat and the products they use, each and everyone of them is doing something to sustain the Earth. Such as Recycling and we will be selling other simple devices that save water and promote the environment.  This business we are entering is a mixture of 3 different businesses that have revenues in the 100’s of billions yearly. It is a hybrid: The Convenience Store & The Natural Food Store & The Coffee Roasting Businesses all in ONE. In today’s world where there just is not enough time in the day. Convenience Truly Matters!
In working with a Lawyer on my business plan he has told me that investor’s don’t want to hear the word “Franchise” or “give back to the community.” The big question is; How much is enough ? These stores will grow and become the new 7-11 in every country.  It was my first intention that embedded in my soul was that no one shall go hungry and in every community that had a Qng there would also be a free soup kitchen sponsored by us. I don’t know how all investors really think but change takes money.

Trendsetters & Visionaries

Didn’t your mother tell you not to put all your eggs in one basket.  Here is a chance to diversify into the “Green Conscience” & clean tech industry.  My plan fits your investment for round one.  My intention is 30 stores in 3 years.  The opportunity is 1X in a lifetime.
Awareness by American consumers of the importance of “going green” has become a conscious way of life, presenting a unique opportunity to create a model of natural food convenience stores to provide earth-friendly edible food and other goods.  Today’s busy lifestyle in which there is not enough time in the day means that convenience truly matters, leading to the simple yet unique concept of an all-natural convenience store.
Kanpassion Corporation is developing Quick n’ Green convenience stores to be the 7-11’ of natural foods.  Quick n’ Green stores will create and fill the niche for highly convenient in-and-out natural food stores.  Quick n’ Green will carry only the top selling items in grocery, refrigerated, frozen, organic wine and beer, non-foods, snack foods, prepared foods, and HABA (health and beauty aids) chosen as to specific area demographics. No highly perishable items, a minimum of employees. Stores will be kept to 2000 square feet or less. Not to mention Lotto, News Papers and anything else you would expect to find in a convenience store but green by nature.

What will make the Quick n’ Green shopping experience so gratifying will be the convenience of the location, paired with the ability of the consumer to purchase natural or organic core items such as bread, milk, butter and eggs. In today’s world, convenience truly matters.

The natural food industry has enjoyed explosive growth for over a decade.  Whole Foods and Wild Oats, the giants in the industry, merged in August 2007 to become what some have called a monopoly. Many medium-sized independent natural food stores have been unable to compete and have closed. What has not happened is the emergence of smaller, more convenient stores. This is the natural progression of the industry and Quick n’ Green convenience stores will be the first, the leader of this new movement. People do not want the stress and frustration associated with the superstore.  An alternative to this is a more personalized and condensed shopping experience.  Quick n’ Green can offer this.

Quick n’ Green will be the convenience store with a conscience.  This specialized industry requires a strong commitment to a “green” lifestyle that incorporates a desire to educate the consumer about the personal benefits realized through a green consciousness.  Once educated, consumers understand that they can truly make a difference in their lives by what they eat and they can positively affect the environment by the products they use.

Quick n’ Green will start in Manhattan, New York on a city block that has a very large amount of foot traffic. Quick n’ Green will be small, clean, friendly and efficient. Through promotional events in the local community including live music, giving samples of our products away and educational booths by our natural/organic vendors; personal, educated assistance will be a hallmark of Quick n’ Green.  Every segment of the population is a targeted customer; green consciousness does not differentiate according to age, race, or religion.

It’s a hybrid: The Convenience Store & The Natural Food Store & The Coffee Roasting business’s all with a green conscience.
 I have owned Natural Foods stores with over 80 employees and more the 100 distributors. We dealt with every local farmer.  With this in mind I have designed a store to be run by 4 employees, never needing to pay overtime and one all time manager. Meaning 2 people working in a store at a time. Having no more then 5 distributors.  It was designed for fast growth.  Every store manager would be training one of the employees to be manager of the next store. 30 stores in 3 years.
Going Green is the only way to make our world a better place to live.  You can’t have a healthy economy if the environment is unhealthy.  We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, but borrow it from our children.  A Native American Proverb  It has been said “it is not what you know, but who you know.”  Trendsetting with a conscience.
I  also believe that  you too will see that through education and convenience, eating better is the beginning of change.  Why buy a traditional soda with ingredients most people can’t read ?  When you could buy a Knudsen 100% natural soda for the same price.
Simply put I have a great concept that will make plenty of money and can do many good green deeds.  I have 50k and am looking for 500k.  This will enable me to open 2 stores in NYC year 1.  Year 2,  10 more stores and after year 3 the goal is to have 30 stores.
I think of this as an opportunity of a life time.  Who would have ever imagined Water; A Billion dollar industry ?  Any help in anyway will be most appreciated.
We are a seasoned crew in our early forty’s, each having expertise in the domains that make up this hybrid company.  To make this happen I am looking for 3 rounds of convertible debt ownership equity. You can be sure that in the first year when we get up,running and each 2 stores making a profit we will have investors begging to let them in on the other rounds. Our business acumen and goal setting ability has helped us to achieve our goals.
One last insight; each store will gross 1.791M and net 208,420 the first year.  We are expecting a 20% growth each year at the beginning.  Our stores will be working on a 35% average margin and manuals will be written with job descriptions and a Employee Manual Handbook….

The All Natural Convenience Store


Lenard Kritchman

Website    www.quickngreen.org

Telephone Cell (561)398-9440



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