At the beginning “everything” was Organic!  In the 1940’s Americans embraced a new chemical technology.  Mass media called it “Progress!”  This meant leaving the traditional ways(Organic) behind and embracing The Agrochemical Companies who marketed these toxic chemicals to deal with whatever malady Americans had in their gardens; Pests, Yield, Disease…

Ask yourself who owned these Companies and why were they allowed to poison America?

Monsanto Founded 1901.  Today their total assets or worth is 21.92 Billion Dollars.  How did they (The Government) allow toxic chemicals to be approved by The FDA?  This is the answer!  Earle H. Harbison, Jr., Central Intelligence Agency Deputy Director, then President, Chief Operating Officer, and Director of Monsanto from 1986 to 1993.  Government crossed the line between “Policy” and their craving for wealth.

 During the 1960’s people started fighting back against The Companies that wanted to sell their drugs and chemicals and rejecting the bad advice mass media spewed and gradually the world is becoming a “Better Place.”

We must saturate every segment of American Life with the realization that there is something radically wrong with the foundation of our civilization, that we must take first things first.


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