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Has everyone heard of Pinterest already? It is a social-media-style corkboard where people post images they like, and these images are linked to blog posts and websites. I am more partial to some of the beautiful images of travel destinations, but the arts and crafts section is reportedly the most heavily trafficked. That’s great, because there are so many amazing recycling projects brought to light on the page.

Anyhow, to let you know a little bit more about me, Len Kritchman, I am linking my personal Pinterest page to this blog. Why? So you can learn about the beautiful places I’ve lived, the green lifestyle I care about, and the heart that I bring to Quick n’ Green.

Enjoy! Len’s Pinterest.

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Len, the creative mastermind behind Quick n’ Green previously lived in Hawaii and ran Papaya’s Natural Foods & Cafe.

Have you ever heard of it? Check it out!

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Small Footprints make a big impact


Quick n’ Green is a small, all-natural convenience store to be located in the heart of New York.  As a small store, we only carry the best products.

Our long-term goals include community activities, soup kitchens, community gardens and other sustainable projects to better the community in a Green way!


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Recycle, Reduce, Reuse

Recycling is such a major part of a green lifestyle. WebEcoist created a post of creative alternative recycling projects that are radical and artistic.

Perhaps they will inspire you to recycle more, in a creative manner.


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